Since the beginning, Sunset Moulding has been conscious of the environment. Management recognized the affects of the moulding process and voluntarily took steps to help keep the air clean. This was long before environmental laws came into being.

In 1976, Sunset Moulding stopped burning their waste products. Their Tee-Pee burner, a landmark at the Live Oak, CA site, became a symbol of what practices used to be.Today, the waste products from the moulding process are almost entirely recycled. Much of this waste is used for composite board, soil amendment and animal bedding.

Recently the company installed a 565kW single axis ground mount tracking solar electric system at their Chico plant.

Sunset also purchases wood only from suppliers that re-forest and are certified in sound forestry practices.

Helping the environment is an important part of the work at Sunset Moulding. Being aware of the impact the industry has on the environment is essential. Choosing actions that make sense for the earth as a whole is the right thing to do.