Manufactured from the finest super-refined MDF available in the world today, Sunset Moulding is proud to be an industry leader with their Suntrim™ product.

Architects, developers and builders are becoming very appreciative of the diversity of Suntrim™. The Suntrim™ product line has led the market for many years due to its high quality, superior finish and availability. Suntrim™ is lightweight, easy to handle and continues to feature the distinction of a superior finish.

Suntrim™ products are specially packaged so they arrive from our house to your house in pristine condition.

Suntrim™ gives customers options, including:

  • Outstanding Finish
  • Superior Quality
  • Short lead times
  • Architectural Profiles

Suntrim™ products are available in:

  • Light weight or medium weight board
  • Primed or Raw

Suntrim™ Specialty Products include:

  • Mitering
  • Shrink wrapping of prepackaged sets
  • Priming
  • Customer labeling
  • Bar coding
  • Specified length
  • Customized length
  • Plinths & Rosettes